Influencer Marketing is Trust Marketing

Working with influencers can provide awareness, boost traffic and drive incredible ROI results. Building trust with an audience is what influencers do best. Extending that trust to your product, service and brand is why we hope you choose us to run your influencer campaigns.

We can help you establish the right message with the right influencers anywhere on the globe. We have worked with hundreds of the top YouTube stars, bloggers and agencies and know what it takes to get your brand in front of potentially millions of devoted followers. We can make influencer marketing a key tool in your 360 marketing toolbox.

Identify key influencers:

We know that finding the right influencers for your campaign is the biggest first step. Setting up proper attribution and using the data to learn from each campaign will help set future success and budgets. We will get you in front of our international network of both influencers and agencies who have worked with us on many campaigns.

Develop the proper message based on your goals:

Getting the right message with the right influencer is perhaps one of the most important aspects of influencer marketing. Our experienced team will work with the talent to get your brand and message delivered properly.

Sponsored videos and blog posts:

We can negotiate with the talent and agencies to have your brand or product featured as a sponsored video or blog post. We know how to position your brand, product or service so that it does not seem obvious and can generate the best response from millions of potential followers.

Product placements:

You can have your product promoted to potentially millions of followers through a shopping haul, product review or casually displayed by trusted influencers across all social networks. These placements appear organic and can boost both sales and organic search performance literally within minutes.

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