Conversions all start with one click. The destination starts with knowing who is clicking, where they are clicking and, most importantly, why are they clicking. 360 Media is a Google Partner and our team of Google and Bing certified experts are here to lend the expertise you need no matter the size of the campaign or the location.

Campaign strategy:

Working with our digital strategists, we help you determine goals and proper budget spending to achieve what you hope to accomplish.


We start with a full review past performance to help set future performance objectives.

Keyword Insights:

Using top agency tools, we can get insight into what is working, what is not and find opportunities to grow.

Competitor Keyword Analysis:

We will determine what your competitors are doing, what keywords they are bidding on, which of their ads are effective, how much they are spending and even get a good idea of how successful it is for them. We will use this data to help boost you become a fierce competitor ready to knock out the competition.


Knowing your customer is an important step to success. We help uncover trends and habits that can be used to create segments and lookalike opportunities.

Cost-Per-Acquisition Optimization:

We take CPA very seriously with a mindset that the more you gain and the less you spend the more likely you’ll want to keep using us! We obsessively review and analyze budget, spend and performance to drive down your CPA and push the gains into new opportunities.


We believe knowing where conversions are coming from and how they perform is as important as knowing where and how to find them. Our team will work with your developers to set proper tagging and pixels to properly record each lead and conversion. The next step is to know what they’ve done once they’ve converted, who is your most valuable customer, who spends the most and who comes back the most. We turn this data into an opportunity to revise spend and enhance performance leading to a better bottom line. Again, some goals may not always be what you hope to achieve.

Lookalike Strategy:

Building off your best customers from both a conversion and performance standpoint will lead to more of the same customer when run through a lookalike audience campaign. Utilizing both search and social campaign tools, we can find possibly millions of similar customers within only a few data points from your own first -party data. Combined with third-party tools we can create campaigns which lead to lower costs per conversion and greater revenue gains by essentially finding your customers before they even search.

RLSA Strategy:

Remarketing lists for search ads RLSA, allows us to customize your ads for potential customers who have previously visited your site. We often gain the best conversion numbers at the lowest costs for you and consider this a must for any client. We help strategize your bids, ads and creatives to each audience and conversion goal. Imagine what you could do to virtually close a customer knowing they’ve been to your site and are ready to buy. We can!

Please let us know more about your company’s paid search (PPC) needs and we will get back to you right away with how we can help.

What is your monthly PPC ad budget with Google?

$0 just startingUnder $5000$5000-10,000$10,000+

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