We were one of the first marketing agencies to embrace video marketing and have helped large brands, sports teams and thousands of clients achieve amazing results. Video marketing can be as effective as search for direct response and display advertising for awareness to millions for a fraction of the cost of other marketing channels. Our team will help guide you with the right strategy from storyboarding to driving viewers.

YouTube Video Marketing

Getting your video placed in front of the right audience. We can boost your video views, set attribution, build channel subscribers, increase retention and drive a larger audience for all of your video content. As per Internet Retailer, viewers are 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a product video.

Social Video Marketing

We can boost audience and views through promoted videos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You will have an experienced team buying and optimizing budget across all social networks to get your videos seen by the right viewer.

Video SEO

For nearly ten years, we have helped companies boost organic search results through video. We understand the proper methods and tricks to boost views and page rank on Google. Many are still surprised to learn that YouTube is the number two search engine only second to Google. Results from YouTube appear within Google results driving organic search for often minimal costs and time compared to traditional SEO methods.

YouTube Ads

You can still gain traffic from video even without having any video content of your own. We will research and manage your YouTube ad campaign to piggy-back off content that either reaches your audience or is relevant to your brand, product or service. We will develop the right message, creatives and landing pages along with optimizing budget and audience. It is not only important that your ads are running properly but also preventing your ad from appearing on content that may damage your brand. You can trust our expertise to deliver the right results for your organization.

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